Hair Colour FAIL

November 30, 2009

I’ve tried and failed at coloring my hair. I’m out of practice and forgot to use a 40vol developer instead of the 10 or 20vol developer that comes in the kit. Next time I’ll get it right. Science!







Crappy iPhone pics, but whatever. I used ORS Shampoo and Replenishing Conditioner, CHI Straight Guard Cream and BioInfusion Olive Oil Smoothing Serum.

I don’t usually mix product lines like that, but I have a good reason. I used the CHI stuff because it’s great, but smells too manly and my husband hates it. I’m not the biggest fan either, so I’m not buying any more once I run out of the stuff.

We BOTH love the smell of the ORS shampoo and conditioner (which I’ve used for ages).  I’m not a big fan of SLS, so I’m replacing ORS (and CHI) with the entire BioInfusion line. It’s organic/natural like Aveda and Biolage but much cheaper (and available at Walgreen’s).  It smells incredible and the end result is beautiful.



November 20, 2009

I hate school. I don’t know why I went back. I am a decent writer for loner projects but if it has to be short I’m horrible. I hate this.

Also, I died my hair when I could have been doing something else only to have the color not lift like the box says it would. Not even close. It looks like I never died my hair. WT Flying F?!! I want to wear my gosh darned extensions NOW. They’re the clip in kind and the colour looks perfect on me. Why do the hair colouring gods hate me so?

I need to sleep.



November 9, 2009

I amjust posting to show I am still alive. I have a lot going on offline (esp essays and playwriting for classes) so I can’t take sit down and really do pix, vids, etc. I have a vid to edit and haven’t gotten to it yet. But I will be back! Here is a pic for good measure!


Guess What…

October 30, 2009

I got a hair cut. My hair was over-processed from the relaxer so I had a stylist friend handle the business. Next time, I’ll get my hair relaxed buy a pro because when I do it, the back of my head suffers. I am posting via iPhone, but will post before and after photos for length comparison soon. Maybe I’ll do it tonight.
Oh! I started drinking protein shakes and started logging into Calorie-Count again. It’s been to my benefit because losing weight again. This makes my heart feel super happy.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go. Be good!


Ahh! Slacking!

October 16, 2009

It feels like I haven’t updated in a million years, but it’s only been a week!. Sorry guys and gals. I have been consumed by home and school. I must say, I am happy to have started this blog. It’s somethin just for me that isn’t a life or death  type of thing. I enjoy it and am happy share what I’ve learned about X, Y, or Z.

I have already admitted I have slacked on the パラパラ, but I did get some dancing in today.  I just pulled compiled a playlist on YouTube and hopped to it. I messed up a lot, but it was fun. My baby boy loves Gyaruru. It’s pretty funny. I move his arms and sing the lyrics (メッチャ マッチョ、メッチャboom boom 食べる。。。) and he just cracks up. Meccha maccho maccho meccha boom boom fire!

Next up will be a product review for the ApHogee line. I will say this stuff is super inexpensive and fantastic. The rest will have to wait. See you next time!


Blues & Greys Using the 120 Palette

October 9, 2009

I know my brows are bushy. I let them grow in so I could get a better shape when I get them waxed today.Also, I think rollers are funny to see so here ya go!

These are from yesterday.




Para Para Progress

October 8, 2009

Ugh. I swear this project has no rhyme, but at least it has reason. I have had the unfortunate luck of gaining 2.3 pounds, but all is not completely crapped. I lost 1.8% body fat and my pants are ridiculously loose. Before they sagged a little, but now the fall off if I walk with no belt. This is good. My biceps are good, but my triceps are lame as ever. I’ll be working on those with hand weights.

Para Para alone is not my key to weight loss. I’ve given up on that and started throwing in the calisthenics, pilates, pseudo-yoga.

I will say this, I’m getting better at learning routines now. I haven’t been at it every single day like in the beginning; family and school come first.  I will say it’s fun when I do get to practice. This has only been like every other day or so. I am making an effort to get back to daily paralism.  I will perservere!