Welcome to The Para Para Project

August 23, 2009
(photo credit: Love パラパラ 4)

(photo credit: Love パラパラ 4)

I’m the complete physical opposite of the typical ParaPara (パラパラ) dancer. I’m Black, American, 6 feet tall, and definitely not thin (but not extremely fat). My love of Japanese street fashion, magazines, and Gal style (ギャル けい) is what inevitably got me interested in ParaPara.

Understand this: I can dance, but choreography– however simple it may be– is NOT my forte. That said, I will be practicing an hour every day with the hopes of:
* Becoming the best ParaPara dancer I can be
* Losing lots of weight

Because I have little to no shame, I will more than likely post videos periodically to show my improvement with each routine. I can laugh at myself, right? Because I am a wife, mother and full-time student, I can only commit to posting once per week, but will most like post even more.

I may also use this time to post about other Gal-related things like my hair and make-up photos or recent purchases and reviews, but I promise not to veer too far off course.

Stay tuned for more!



  1. Hi there. This sounds like a good idea. I’m new to the dancing. Are there easy songs you reccommend to beginners?

  2. I really think the DVD I’m working on right now is the easiest. Tipsy & Tipsy – “Let Your Body Love” is the easiest, but the lamest (IMO). I think Elisa – “Love Shine A Light” and “Poison” are easier and lots of fun.

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