Review: Beauty Factory 120 Eyeshadow Palette

September 1, 2009

Okay ladies and gents, I recently bought this palette of 120 eyeshadows on ebay (and http://www.bf-beauty.com) for approx $28.

It comes under two names: Manly and Beauty Factory. It typically comes with a free mini brush set and it’s actually a good set of brushes. I was totally shocked.

What else? Of, you should definitely not pay more than $28 for it. There are multiple sellers and shipping is typically included. Some sellers have extra freebies as well. I got mine from Chic Gallery on ebay and it took about 2 weeks becuse it’s shipped from HK, China and I’m in PA, USA.

The joy of this thing is the price vs value. The colors are highly pigmented, especially if you use a primer (which is highly recommended no matter what brand you use). I typically use MAC, Smashbox and Nyx eyeshadows. I love Urban Decay, but it’s been a while since I’ve used their stuff. This palette is excellent for when you can’t afford to drop 14.50 @ MAC for one eyeshadow. There will be colours you don’t use, but there are many that you will. It comes with matte and shimmer colors. They blend very easily. There are two matte blacks and the palette is laid out in gradients on two slabs of 60 colours each.

The whole thing a little bigger than a DVD case. The only negative is that the case itself isn’t super strong. I wouldn’t want to drop it. I could drop a MAC pro palette and be less worried.

Oh! I almost forgot, check youtube for “120 palette tutorial” and plenty of stuff should show up. If you don’t feel like doing that, here is a link to the company’s site (new window).  It’s chock full of photos, videos, ingredients, etc.

* This company also sells nail tech stuff and tools for fusion-style extensions.



  1. Hi! Can you post swatches sometime? I don’t see any for dark skin online.

    • Oh sure thing. I’ll try to get to it tonight! Thank you for commenting ☺

  2. I agree… this is an excellent palette.. love it to bits!

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m loving your eye make in the tiny avatar thingy.

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