Farouk Biosilk Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Iron Review

September 28, 2009

farouk biosilk chi

4.0 out of 5 stars$55 , bought for $53, Reg price $99.95

My hair is super thick and layered to my shoulders. I  have 2 types of curls- tight and soft, then the coarse naps at the middle-back of my head (about 3″ in diameter). This iron is FANTASTIC. Seriously. I have a Conair ceramic iron that does okay, but the poof comes back to my hair too soon. This Farouk Biosilk iron is big time goodness. It’s totally fighting the friz for me. I also use the CHI Iron Guard Spray. I almost bought a CHI (original), but this was $20 cheaper and allowed me to control the temperature. The CHI Turbo was more than I wanted to spend because I’m a pretty cautious spender. What else? Oh! Some irons get HOT on the outside, but I had this one all the way up to 420F at some parts and the outside never got hot.

My only concern is that the “on” light quickly flickers once it’s at full heat.  My Conair’s light flashes slow and steadily until it’s reached the desired temp. That makes sense to me. The way this iron flickers just seems a little odd, so I’m checking http://www.farouk.com to see what’s up.

Anyway, BUY THIS IRON. Seriously. I don’t leave a LOT of immediate reviews (not many at all for that matter). I’m in hair love.

PS –

I even left this review on Amazon (where I bought it)




  1. Congrats! Now if only I can find a flat iron for my hair that won’t bring my curls back after an hour!

    • Thanks chica! I’ll do your hair sometime if you want. I love it.

  2. Your hair looks great, but whats up with your make up? I’m really liking it. can you post a tutorial or something?

    • Thank you! I’m terrible at tutorials. Well I suck at video tutes but I think I could do a photo-based video tutorial with an audio + subtitle track. I;ll try!

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