Para Para Progress

October 8, 2009

Ugh. I swear this project has no rhyme, but at least it has reason. I have had the unfortunate luck of gaining 2.3 pounds, but all is not completely crapped. I lost 1.8% body fat and my pants are ridiculously loose. Before they sagged a little, but now the fall off if I walk with no belt. This is good. My biceps are good, but my triceps are lame as ever. I’ll be working on those with hand weights.

Para Para alone is not my key to weight loss. I’ve given up on that and started throwing in the calisthenics, pilates, pseudo-yoga.

I will say this, I’m getting better at learning routines now. I haven’t been at it every single day like in the beginning; family and school come first.  I will say it’s fun when I do get to practice. This has only been like every other day or so. I am making an effort to get back to daily paralism.  I will perservere!


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