November 20, 2009

I hate school. I don’t know why I went back. I am a decent writer for loner projects but if it has to be short I’m horrible. I hate this.

Also, I died my hair when I could have been doing something else only to have the color not lift like the box says it would. Not even close. It looks like I never died my hair. WT Flying F?!! I want to wear my gosh darned extensions NOW. They’re the clip in kind and the colour looks perfect on me. Why do the hair colouring gods hate me so?

I need to sleep.


One comment

  1. Oh wow you’re a brave woman! I don’t think I can go back to school after getting out.

    You know I’m not too sure about the differences between eyelash curlers. Most of my makeup life, I used only Revlon curler. Unfortunately for us Asians, not a lot of curlers grab our eyelashes at the same time. For that reason, a lot of Asians tend to go for Shu Uemura or Shiseido. I think they aim for us Asian eyes. I can’t tell you much about Shiseido one since I haven’t tried it yet.

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