Mission Statement

This blog’s primary purpose is to serve as a place to track my weight-loss and progress as a para para dancer.  Aside from this, there will be updates in regards to other Gal-related topics such as:

  • Make-up
  • Hair styling
  • Product reviews (bought and tested by me)

This blog will not be about any other portion of my life, but I may forgo a practice and post the reason in an entry. That reason may be school, family or PMS for all I know, but I will not go beyond: No ParaPara today because ___, but I will get back on track tomorrow/Wednesday/etc.

Posting will be done once per week minimum, but more likely every other day.

Videos of my horrible dancing will come as I see fit, but they will come nonetheless.

Photos of hair, make-up, and whatever outfit might be Gal-inspired will come bi-weekly, but more likely once per week.

Stick around and be sure to put your [kindly-worded] two cents in the comments section.

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