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Ahh! Slacking!

October 16, 2009

It feels like I haven’t updated in a million years, but it’s only been a week!. Sorry guys and gals. I have been consumed by home and school. I must say, I am happy to have started this blog. It’s somethin just for me that isn’t a life or death  type of thing. I enjoy it and am happy share what I’ve learned about X, Y, or Z.

I have already admitted I have slacked on the パラパラ, but I did get some dancing in today.  I just pulled compiled a playlist on YouTube and hopped to it. I messed up a lot, but it was fun. My baby boy loves Gyaruru. It’s pretty funny. I move his arms and sing the lyrics (メッチャ マッチョ、メッチャboom boom 食べる。。。) and he just cracks up. Meccha maccho maccho meccha boom boom fire!

Next up will be a product review for the ApHogee line. I will say this stuff is super inexpensive and fantastic. The rest will have to wait. See you next time!


Para Para Progress

October 8, 2009

Ugh. I swear this project has no rhyme, but at least it has reason. I have had the unfortunate luck of gaining 2.3 pounds, but all is not completely crapped. I lost 1.8% body fat and my pants are ridiculously loose. Before they sagged a little, but now the fall off if I walk with no belt. This is good. My biceps are good, but my triceps are lame as ever. I’ll be working on those with hand weights.

Para Para alone is not my key to weight loss. I’ve given up on that and started throwing in the calisthenics, pilates, pseudo-yoga.

I will say this, I’m getting better at learning routines now. I haven’t been at it every single day like in the beginning; family and school come first.  I will say it’s fun when I do get to practice. This has only been like every other day or so. I am making an effort to get back to daily paralism.  I will perservere!


ギャルル パラパラ: Harder Than I Thought

September 8, 2009

But I keep trying!


ParaPara Paramedic?

August 28, 2009

Do those exist? Because I need one. I have all this pressure I put on myself to learn these routines and I find myself worn out– mentally and physically. パラパラ is supposed to be fun! So I will promise myself to stress less and smile more. It’s frustrating to mess up, but I’ll get better. All I need to master is that punch-step-punch part of Spider Man and I can move on to the next DVD. Wish me luck!


Week 1: Love パラパラ

August 24, 2009

lovepara2 Also read as Love Para2, which I find confusing because there are muliple videos in this series. You see things like “Love Para2 3.”  I say, Love パラパラ 3 or Love ParaPara 3.

But I digress.

This morning, I did the following  routines twice:

1. Elisa – Poison (DJ Boss Mix)
2. Elisa – Love Shine A Light
3. Tipsy & Tipsy – Let Your Body Love
4. Mark Foster – Spider Man
5. Mari Ohta With Syujinko – Realize

I’m horrible at the part of “Spider Man” where you kinda walk over while punching toward the floor and then the ceiling. That’s the best way I can describe it. For the most part, it’s easy for me.  The same goes for all but “Realize,” which may be because of the  DVD song order. Songs 1-4 are played twice and the last seems almost like a bonus. But I’ve got most of it, so yay!

Luckily, this is a fairly easy disc when compared to some of the other routines I have seen. I also have Love ParaPara 3, which is a little harder (in my opinion). I will do that one next, then ParaPara Daisuki. I have a couple of other DVDs, but it will be time to shop soon enough.

And way, yay for all that.  Next post will be my review of the Beauty Factory 120 Eyeshadow palette I just received.