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November 9, 2009

I amjust posting to show I am still alive. I have a lot going on offline (esp essays and playwriting for classes) so I can’t take sit down and really do pix, vids, etc. I have a vid to edit and haven’t gotten to it yet. But I will be back! Here is a pic for good measure!


Farouk Biosilk Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Iron Review

September 28, 2009

farouk biosilk chi

4.0 out of 5 stars$55 , bought for $53, Reg price $99.95

My hair is super thick and layered to my shoulders. I  have 2 types of curls- tight and soft, then the coarse naps at the middle-back of my head (about 3″ in diameter). This iron is FANTASTIC. Seriously. I have a Conair ceramic iron that does okay, but the poof comes back to my hair too soon. This Farouk Biosilk iron is big time goodness. It’s totally fighting the friz for me. I also use the CHI Iron Guard Spray. I almost bought a CHI (original), but this was $20 cheaper and allowed me to control the temperature. The CHI Turbo was more than I wanted to spend because I’m a pretty cautious spender. What else? Oh! Some irons get HOT on the outside, but I had this one all the way up to 420F at some parts and the outside never got hot.

My only concern is that the “on” light quickly flickers once it’s at full heat.  My Conair’s light flashes slow and steadily until it’s reached the desired temp. That makes sense to me. The way this iron flickers just seems a little odd, so I’m checking to see what’s up.

Anyway, BUY THIS IRON. Seriously. I don’t leave a LOT of immediate reviews (not many at all for that matter). I’m in hair love.

PS –

I even left this review on Amazon (where I bought it)




September 21, 2009

I’ve been doing better with Para Para, but it is hard to squeeze it in sometimes. On the weekends, we have family time. That takes precedence over Para Para, but I should be better. I just finished doing Meccha Maccho and had to stop from laughing so hard. My son (1yr old) loves the song. He giggles whenever I play or sing it. Sometimes I move his arms in the motion for the routine and it only makes him laugh even harder.

So my next routine will be Niko’s “Night of Fire” and I’ll start it tonight before I crack into my Psych essays.



Boom Boom Dollar

September 17, 2009

Someone left a comment about the para para routine for this song. I was showing a friend the Gyaruru video for “Meccha Maccho” and after messing up for the millionth time, I decided to pull up the parapara video for “Boom Boom Dollar.”

That must be the easiest routine in the world because I had it perfect by the second try.

On the weight loss end of things, I lost four pounds this week. That’s something I guess.


Gettin Better Now!

September 14, 2009

I’m getting better at the routine for Gyaruru’s “Meccha Maccho…”
I am still pretty bad at it, but I keep trying and it’s getting a little easier as time goes on.

Oh! And I ordered some cute shirts online Torrid, Wet Seal, and from some ebay stores.Torrid had 50% off clearance AND I had a $10 gift card from them because they overcharged me for something a while back. It was only by about 3 cents. I see that as a win.

Here are some of my new goodies:

I bought the drapey sweater in black and I think I bought the last one because Wet Seal doesn’t have it listed any more.

The bottom row are things I got from different sellers on eBay: They are more graphic, but I NEVER buy things like that so I thought a little change could do me good.

Anyway, I’ll check back in soon!


Slacker? Possibly.

September 6, 2009

I did NOT practice any paralism yesterday. It was a super rough day, then we had dinner for my mother-in-law’s birthday. She and I did manage to squeeze in a mani-pedi at one of the local salons. I printed some ideas from Nail Max (Sept 09 issue) and they did a good job of matching things up. I think it was a bit of a mistake for me to go back to acrylic nails, but the gyaru in me was begging for it. It’s been a while, people. The much needed spa trip was greatly received.

Onto ParaPara.
I have mastered all of  Love Para2 save for Spider Man (むずかしい です よ).  It helps to learn DVD by DVD, but I think I will now try one song at a time.  I would love to master Meccha Maccho by Gyaruru because it is always stuck in my head. I never tire of this song. Seriously. Typically, a song gets stuck in my head and I’m constantly whining over it. Not with this one. So here’s to finding a good ParaPara only version. For me, learning from the music video would prove extremely difficult. Wish me luck!


Welcome to The Para Para Project

August 23, 2009
(photo credit: Love パラパラ 4)

(photo credit: Love パラパラ 4)

I’m the complete physical opposite of the typical ParaPara (パラパラ) dancer. I’m Black, American, 6 feet tall, and definitely not thin (but not extremely fat). My love of Japanese street fashion, magazines, and Gal style (ギャル けい) is what inevitably got me interested in ParaPara.

Understand this: I can dance, but choreography– however simple it may be– is NOT my forte. That said, I will be practicing an hour every day with the hopes of:
* Becoming the best ParaPara dancer I can be
* Losing lots of weight

Because I have little to no shame, I will more than likely post videos periodically to show my improvement with each routine. I can laugh at myself, right? Because I am a wife, mother and full-time student, I can only commit to posting once per week, but will most like post even more.

I may also use this time to post about other Gal-related things like my hair and make-up photos or recent purchases and reviews, but I promise not to veer too far off course.

Stay tuned for more!